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The configuration has to be done in the exe.config File. The following keys exist.

  • CurrentAssemblyName - Name of the assembly you would like to deploy (without '.dll')
  • Username - Microsoft CRM Username
  • Password - Microsoft CRM Password
  • Domain - Domain of the CRM Server
  • PathToAssembly - Points to the Assembly you would like to deploy
  • OrganizationUri - Uri of CRM Endpoint (http://<servername>:<port>/<organization>/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc)
  • ShowLogAfterExecution - True: Console window remains after execution, False: Console window closes after execution


Set the configuration keys (exept the PathToAssembly-Key) in Visual Studio (Rightclick Project --> Properties --> Settings). Now you can run the application. The following screen will appear.

Expected File not found

This is ok, because in the PluginQuickDeploy Solution, your referenced assembly was not found.

After building the Application, copy the resulting Files (bin\Release) to a subfolder of you plugin Visual Studio Project. In this example i call the folder "Tools".


- PluginSolution
-- PluginProject
--- Properties
--- References
--- MyPlugin.cs
--- Tools
---- microsoft.crm.sdk.proxy.dll
---- microsoft.xrm.sdk.dll
---- MK.CRM.PluginQuickDeploy.exe
---- MK.CRM.PluginQuickDeploy.exe.config

Build your pluginsolution in Debug mode.

Now you can click the MK.CRM.PluginQuickDeploy.exe and the deployment should start.


If you don't see any output, set the configuration key "ShowLogAfterExecution" to "True".


For using the tool in the PostBuild Event of Visual Studio, use the following statement.

START /WAIT cmd /c "$(ProjectDir)Tools\MK.CRM.PluginQuickDeploy.exe"

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